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  • Crony Capitalism, Minnesota Style

    Crony Capitalism, Minnesota Style One of the most distasteful side effects of big government is crony capitalism. What is crony capitalism? It’s when business interests capitalize on their government connections and use that to get subsidizes and other tax breaks that provide them with an unfair advantage against their competitors.

  • Dreading April 14th & 15th / Government Union Transparency, Idaho-Style

    Employers Can Now Dread April 14th and April 15th On April 14, 2015, new regulations developed by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the nation’s top labor arbiter, will go into effect. The new labor regulations, dubbed by some as the “Ambush Election Rule” will allow unions to organize inside a workplace under a highly compressed time frame with little or no recourse for employers to tell their side of the story. According to David Phippen, a management-side labor lawyer at Constangy, B...

  • Minnesota's Education Achievement Gap: What happens after High School?

    Late last month, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) released new data regarding Minnesota’s high school graduation rate. The good news from the MDE, according to the Star Tribune, is that the “graduation rate for Minnesota students is the highest it’s been in a decade, even though many minority students continue to lag behind their white peers when it comes to getting a diploma on time.” The new data showed that in 2013, “85 percent of white students, 56 percent of black students and 58...

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