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  • Rudy Boschwitz and the Rise of the Modern Conservative Movement in Minnesota

    The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota proudly released today our most recent report, entitled: “A Legacy of Leadership: Rudy Boschwitz and the Rise of the Modern Conservative Movement in Minnesota.” The report tells the story of the extraordinary leadership of former U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz in the development of the modern day conservative movement in Minnesota. Much has been written about liberal dominance in Minnesota politics since World War II and the indelible mark left on the state and n...

  • Gas taxes, transportation funding likely to loom large in 2015 session

    Minnesotans once again have divided government, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the relentless barrage of tax hikes has come to an end. The Associated Press reported on the new balance of power at the Capitol: "None of the power players offered much Wednesday about specific policies they'll pursue. Generally, they stressed a need to work out a long-term transportation funding plan to deal with a multibillion-dollar backlog in road and bridge projects." Nonetheless, it is safe to assume that tr...

  • Property tax news

    Local governments across Minnesota have now adopted proposed budgets and tax levies for 2015. Here are some notable developments from around the state: The Cloquet school board approved a 14 percent preliminary tax levy hike for 2015. Major levy increases are nothing new for the district, as they approved a 15.2 percent hike last December.

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