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  • Happy 225th Birthday to the Bill of Rights!

    Last Thursday, December 15th, marks the 225th anniversary of the day in 1791 when the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution) were ratified by the states.  Our friends at the Ashbrook Center put together a quiz to mark the day and frankly to see how much American history we remember from our high school civics class.President Franklin Roosevelt declared December 15th “Bill of Rights Day” in 1941.

  • A helping hand for the poorest of the poor

    Below is a commentary by Freedom Foundation of Minnesota CEO Annette Meeks which appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on November 18, 2016A helping hand for the poorest of the poorBut you won't see something like a RAM medical clinic in Minnesota, where, of course, there are laws and regulations that forbid it.Thanksgiving came early for me this year and in a most unexpected way. My day of giving thanks for a multitude of blessings occurred on a mid-November weekend in Bradenton, Fla., w...

  • How a $7 million dollar bike path gets built

    Perhaps you know this but it escaped my attention despite multiple monthly trips to the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport (MSP): “cyclists can’t ride all the way to Terminal 1” (the terminal formerly known as the Lindberg Terminal.)  The solution:  a proposed $7 million dollar, 0.9-mile bike path that would allow Minneapolis to supposedly become a “world class city” and provide a way for avid cyclists to get to the airport.There are lots of uncheck...

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