"A Tale of Two Harbors" -- Lake County, Minnesota's Broadband Boondoggle

Eight years ago, I founded the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota.  Our mission was very precise:  we sought to provide market-based solutions to some of the toughest problems facing our state.  Our research and investigative efforts continue to focus on eliminating waste, fraud and abuse in state and local government.  There is probably no better poster child for government waste than municipal broadband and many Minnesota communities, have, regrettably, been at the forefront of some of the most prolific broadband failures in the country.

The latest failed broadband effort is occurring in Lake County, Minnesota where county commissioners arrogantly believed they could defy the laws of supply and demand by building a taxpayer-subsidized broadband network that would somehow magically pay for itself in user fees.  The results are predictably dismal and this reckless experiment will likely cost taxpayers nearly $70 million.  

Later this summer, the Freedom Foundation will be releasing our report that chronicles the Lake County project’s missteps and the lessons learned the hard way in Two Harbors.

Last Friday, the Star Tribune featured my commentary on the Lake County broadband boondoggle.  You can read the counterpoint commentary HERE.

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