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  • SW Minnesota Town Says $15 Million Stimulus Broadband Project May Be Shelved

    “Paying for wind we don’t need, can’t use and can’t sell” Taxpayers already pay a high price to subsidize wind energy through billions in federal grants, loan guarantees and tax credits that prop up the “windustry”. Now the bill for state renewable energy mandates is coming due with hundreds of thousands of Minnesota electric co-op and utility customers picking up the tab. Going green cost rural electric ratepayers in Minnesota more than $70 million last year, according to the Minnesota Rural El...

  • SW Minnesota Town Says $15 Million Stimulus Broadband Project May Be Shelved

    Escalating cost of fiber materials raises questions for similar projects The recipient of a major federal stimulus grant and loan in southwestern Minnesota appears to be having second thoughts about proceeding with a broadband project spread out over three counties. The $15 million project which planned to expand broadband service in 15 communities may be in danger of going into the financial red zone, apparently due at least in part to the escalating costs of fiber optic cable. Woodstock Teleph...

  • On a Wing and Taxpayers Update

    St. Cloud Airport Gets One of First and Last Grants Under FAA Subsidy Program Set to End The St. Cloud Regional Airport is banking on a recently announced $750,000 federal grant to land an airline at the airport that’s been virtually deserted since Delta terminated service in and out of St. Cloud in late 2009.

  • Thanks, But No Thanks! Minnesota Tribes Reject $1.7 Million in Stimulus Funds

    It’s enough to give government a good name, if not necessarily the federal stimulus program.  After all, when’s the last time the recipients of a $1.7 million federal stimulus grant had second thoughts and sent the funding back to Washington?  That’s what happened recently with a high-tech project in northern Minnesota in which a government giveaway turned into a rare government giveback.

  • Lake County Taxpayers Take All the Risk While St. Louis County Residents Share the Rewards

    Maybe there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but a deal in the works to bring a controversial $70 million broadband network to Lake and St. Louis counties comes pretty close, depending on which side of the county line you pay taxes.

  • Minnesota Communities go on Spending Spree Funded by Stimulus Bonds

    Dozens of Minnesota cities and counties have taken advantage of a little known stimulus bond program, borrowing $684 million for projects that include municipal swimming pools, a multi-million dollar golf course renovation and a new mega-community center, a Freedom Foundation of Minnesota analysis shows.

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