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  • Teacher freedom in Michigan

    Michigan’s new right-to-work law is starting to show results, with more workers exercising their freedom from unionization and compulsory dues. And just as we’ve seen in other states that respect workers’ constitutional rights, teachers are among those most anxious to strip away the union’s shackles. According to the Education Intelligence Agency, the state’s teachers’ union, Michigan Education Association (MEA) lost 5,000 members last month alone.

  • Income inequality at the state teachers' union

    State teachers' union Education Minnesota has added its voice to the chorus of labor union decrying income inequality and wage gaps. But Education Minnesota seems less concerned about the wage gap between the union’s legion of high-paid operatives and the public school teachers they represent. In fact, according to a recently filed with the U.S.

  • Teacher In Name Only: Labor prez works union time on the taxpayers' dime

    As we wrote about recently, the Minneapolis school district and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) are in mediation after the union prematurely cut off negotiations on the 2013-15 teachers’ contract. Consequently, the $250 million contract is now being sorted out behind closed doors and out of public view, just as the MFT wanted. The union filed a similar request for mediation in 2012.

  • An education reform silver lining

    The University of Minnesota and Teach for America (TFA) announced this week the formation of an intriguing partnership to create an alternative licensing program for TFA members. The program will be the first to utilize the state's alternative teacher licensure law that passed in 2011, intended to provide mid-career professionals and others an easier route to become classroom teachers. According to the U of M's summary of the TFA partnership: "Annually, a minimum of 40 TFA co...

  • Six-figure Salaries Abound at State Teachers’ Union

    ST. PAUL, MN--It may be a challenging time to be a teacher, but it’s apparently a great time to work for the Minnesota teachers’ union. According to a report filed with the U.S.

  • MPR Features FFM Op-Ed on Billion Dollar Biking to School Program

    Commentary:  For years, kids walked to school without government help  by Tom Steward   June 11, 2012      Remember the safety patrol volunteers who got out of class early to stand guard at school crosswalks? The largest safety program in the world today, the School Safety Patrol Program was started in 1921 by the American Automobile Association (AAA) as a community service. AAA Minneapolis still provides all the necessary training materials, safety supplies and rec...

  • Hundreds of Millions of Tax Dollars Spent to Get Kids to Walk and Bike to School

    Not so long ago, kids walked and biked to their neighborhood school as a matter of course.  Now, there’s a federal government program that spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to prod students and parents to do what used to be second nature:  bike and walk to school.

  • FFM Bulletin 9/25/08

    Featuring: Governor Pawlenty introduces new education accountability initiative, Minneapolis says its unreliable wi-fi network will cost $1 million more than expected, and a look at health coverage statistics.

  • FFM Bulletin 7/22/08

    Featuring:State pension fund manager gets huge raise, teachers union president wants schools to offer medical, dental, legal services, and America's Future Foundation event.

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