E-Update Special Edition: Top Obama Official Leaves Admin, Subject of FFM Investigation

Energy official Cathy Zoi was subject of extensive FFM investigation

Cathy Zoi, President Obama’s number two official at the Department of Energy, abruptly resigned earlier this week. Zoi, who joined the administration in 2009, had previously served as CEO of Vice President Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.

She was also the subject of an extensive investigation by the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota.
In the summer of 2009, FFM launched an investigation into Cathy Zoi’s numerous potential conflicts of interest. At the time, Zoi was overseeing $16.8 billion in green energy stimulus funds. She also happened to be married to a top executive of Serious Materials, a small “green” materials company that benefited substantially from those funds, even being singled out to receive over $500,000 in stimulus tax credits.  But the benefits didn’t stop there. Serious Materials also received extraordinary praise and attention from the administration, even co-hosting a White House press conference with President Obama and receiving a personal visit from Vice President Biden for a high-profile media event.
In January 2010, FFM worked with John Stossel on an extensive expose of Cathy Zoi’s potential conflicts of interest, featuring the findings of FFM’s investigation. The Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott responded to the piece by writing: “In a city full of conflicts of interest, this one ranks near the top of the ‘Most Blatant Ever’.”

Read more about Zoi's resignation on
 John Stossel's blog and at Glenn Beck's The Blaze.
Zoi’s resignation is a victory for anyone who believes in the importance of an open, transparent, and accountable government. Thanks to all those who assisted in bringing this story, and FFM’s investigation, to light.
View FFM’s original video on Cathy Zoi below:




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