FFM Bulletin 7/7/11 "Shutdown Edition"

If other governors can be responsible, why can't ours?

FFM CEO Annette Meeks wrote a fabulous op-ed featured Wednesday in the Star Tribune on the state government shutdown.  Now that Minnesota is the only remaining state without a balanced budget, the column looks at how other (and even more liberal) states have balanced their budgets without raising income taxes.
From the op-ed: “Other state budget officers report much the same -- states, they say are ‘balancing budgets with cuts, not taxes.’ “
Read the op-ed here.

Shutdown coverage from MN State News

Want to stay up to date on all the latest news regarding the state government shutdown? Be sure to check out Minnesota State News(www.mnstatenews.com) for coverage from St. Paul and around the state. Here are a few of our most recent headlines:
  • Dayton switches course on cigarette taxes
    Read more.
  • Governor's residence still functioning while other services remain closed
    Read more.
  • Arne Carlson and Walter Mondale as Shutdown Solution?
    Read more.
MN State News will also feature a new segment called “Shutdown Roundup”, which will serve as a daily roundup of stories from around the state and nation on the impact and effect of the shutdown. It will run for the duration of the shutdown.

Another Minnesota broadband stimulus project turns to local taxpayers

Taxpayers in several rural cities look like they’ll be on the hook for more than they expected.  The latest “stimulating” broadband project comes from the Southwest Minnesota Broadband Services (SMBS) consortium, comprised of eight small cities and a 125-mile long fiber optic network meant for 3,300 residences and 350 businesses. Like the other questionable (and even controversial) stimulus-inspired fiber projects in the state, the project duplicates services already offered by private providers at the expense of taxpayers.
Read more on this story and catch up on some of our previous reports on broadband projects throughout the state.

FFM in the news

  • FFM CEO Annette Meeks was a featured guest on KTLK’s Davis and Emmer morning show, talking shutdown, millionaire taxes, and how other states balanced their budgets.  The interview can be found on our website.
  • FFM’s Jonathan Blake was also featured in the Star Tribune for his piece on Dayton’s “cynical” shutdown and his peculiar definition of essential services. It also questions Governor Dayton’s motives behind the shutdown and coercing lawmakers to accept an income tax hike. Read the entire piece here.

Quote of the week

In a recent news article on recreation spending by cities and counties, writers from the Star Tribune referred to us as “the fiscal watchdog,” a distinction we hold with great pride!


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