Freedom Foundation of Minnesota Criticizes Senate's Wasteful Bonding Bill

Pet projects abound in irresponsible $367 million public works bill

Minneapolis, MN--The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota today criticized the Minnesota Senate for passing an irresponsible, pork-laden $367 million bonding bill that throws our state even further into debt. The Senate used the bonding bill to push through a slew of pet projects as well as others that were previously vetoed by Governor Pawlenty, including a new Bell Museum of Natural History at the University of Minnesota.

"The same Minnesota Senate that last week introduced a budget featuring massive tax increases and across-the-board spending cuts has apparently found $367 million laying around to pay for zoo exhibits, bike trails, and volleyball courts," FFM Vice President Jonathan Blake said. "This is flat-out irresponsible, considering our state's dire economic situation and the huge ongoing infusion of federal stimulus dollars that will pay for infrastructure projects in Minnesota."

The state's self-imposed borrowing cap - equal to 3% of the general fund - has already been exceeded, and the Senate bill would push Minnesota even further in debt.


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