Harris v. Quinn update

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments last week in Harris v. Quinn, a case with huge ramifications for government labor unions and the workers who are forced to subsidize them. Audio of the oral arguments is posted on the Court’s website.

The case involves Pam Harris, a Chicago-area mother and homecare provider who cares for her disabled son. Harris, along with several other homecare providers, filed the suit because she was "angry and furious that Illinois Governor Quinn had signed an order allowing unions like the Service Employees International to attempt to organize workers like her, who are paid to care for disabled relatives. She claimed union rules could interfere with how she cared for her son, and just so unions could get expanded membership and collect more fees.”

For more background on Harris v. Quinn, watch the Illinois Policy Institute’s powerful video profile of the case. The Freedom Foundation has written about how the case could affect the controversial childcare union issue in Minnesota. And be sure to read the excellent article in the Rochester Post-Bulletin about childcare provider Jennifer Parrish’s role in the case and the national fight against compulsory unionism.

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