Local Gov't Accountability Roundup 11/10/11

RUSHFORD: Voters Reject Reopening Muni Liquor Store Taxpayers turned down a chance to re-open the money- losing local municipal liquor store. The muni ran a deficit of $70,000 in 2009, posting the third biggest loss in Minnesota. Earlier this year the store was given two months to demonstrate it could break even, but was shut down after two weeks.

RED WING: Sticker Shock with 12 Percent Levy Hike for Red Wing Schools The proposed levy for the Red Wing School District will shoot up to 12 percent, some 3 percent higher than discussed just last month. Officials say the unexpectedly large increase is tied to an increase in enrollment. 

TWO HARBORS: North Shore City Considers Cutting Police Force  City council members may not replace a recently retired officer due to other budget needs. For instance, the proposed 2012 budget contains no funding for road improvements. Police officials say the cut would result in a lower law enforcement presence in the community.

PRINCETON: Mistaken City Permit to Cost Couple City officials worked out a resolution with a couple who installed a fence that turned out to be located in the street right of way. The city mistakenly approved an incorrect location listed on the permit by the homeowners. In the end, the couple declined their right to have public hearings and legal notices that would delay a resolution even longer. The agreement will allow the couple to spread out the special assessment for the $785 job over three years plus interest.

GRANITE FALLS: County Unsure What to do With Abandoned Cemetery County officials are wondering what to do with an overgrown cemetery recently uncovered on farmland in Stony Run Township. The church associated with the graveyard no longer exists, so it will fall to Yellow Medicine County to tend it. If any Civil War veterans or pioneers who died before 1875 are buried there, state law allows the county to use general revenue funds to restore the plot.

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