Local Gov't Accountability Roundup 11/30/11

TWO HARBORS: New Store Coming to Town Over Union Protests A new O’Reilly Auto Parts store will be open for business next spring, bringing 6-8 jobs to town in the process. But some union members aren’t happy about it, even though one subcontractor at the building site is a union 

CROOKSTON:  Good Sign for Taxi Service with City Council Approval The city council gave the go ahead for the owner of Crookston Taxi to post an advertisement for his services back up.  A city ordinance allows signs only on a business’ premises, but the taxi service does not operate out of an office .It’s been a rough ride for the owner of the taxi service, who was picked up for an alleged parole violation by county authorities over the weekend.

HILL CITY:  Huge Water Bill Gives New Meaning to Leaky Basement What would you do if your water meter registered 329,000 gallons? An unspecified basement water leak led to a $2,200 water bill for an unfortunate property owner in Hill City recently. City councilors cut about $1,000 off the bill since the water did not go into the city’s sewer system.In fact, no one appears to know exactly where the water did go.

LYLE: Residents Circulate No-Confidence Petition on School Superintendent  A group of parents and other residents are circulating a no-confidence petition around town on the superintendent’s job performance to present to the school board.It’s not certain how many signatures have been collected yet in the latest chapter of the controversy.

WILLMAR:  Smaller Government Begins with No More Federal Lobbyist Mayor Frank Yanish has a plan to downsize local government but says he can’t do it alone. Next year’s proposed budget marks the starting point with five jobs and a $27,000 federal lobbyists position no longer on the books.No layoffs are planned with the downsizing occurring through retirements and attrition.

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