Local Gov't Accountability Roundup 12/13/11

FOLEY: $226,000 in Budget Cuts Suggested by Sheriff May be Just the Beginning The city of Foley’s decision to go with a private security firm has led Benton County authorities to look for budget cuts to offset the resulting loss in revenue. The sheriff proposed eliminating court security positions and a detention officer, as well as cuts for squad cars. Some county board members may want to reduce the number of deputies, since three were hired when the county started patrolling Foley in 2003.

LYLE: No More Rubber Stamp for School Board ex-Treasurer After Police Visit  The dramatics were less conspicuous at the last Lyle School Board meeting, even as board members voted to replace their treasurer. Apparently school officials asked Mower County deputies to go to former treasurer Dan King’s house to retrieve a rubber stamp with several "signatures" used for official purposes by the treasurer. It’s unclear if there will be further official action taken.

REDWOOD FALLS: City Budget Total Frozen at Last Year’s Level City council members declined to raise the city tax levy out of concern for residents’ ability to pay in tough times. 

WILLMAR: Utilities General Manage Placed on Leave Pending Review Unspecified concerns led the Willmar Municipal Utilities Commission to vote to put the utility’s general manager on paid leave pending a review. In the meantime, two other employees will serve at co-general managers of operations. 

SAVAGE: Letters of Intent: City to Purchase Post Office Building and Lease It Back It took a couple of years, but Savage came up with a novel approach to convincing the local post office to stay put. The city has reached agreement with the postal service to buy the post office building for $745,000 and lease it back to the USPS. 

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