Local Gov't Accountability Roundup 12/20/11

COON RAPIDS: Council Downshifts on Pre-Pay Gas Ordinance For Now A closely watched proposal to ban pay-at-the-pump gas purchases was put on hold until the January 24th city council meeting. The number of drive-off gas thefts is on pace to top 500 in the suburb this year. Officials are strongly considering an ordinance mandating pay-at-the-pump or pre-pay purchases only.

MORA: Christmas Bonus: Old Muni Liquor Store Sells The old off-sale municipal liquor store has been up for sale for more than a year. After remaining empty for 16 months, the city received and approved a $39,000 offer from K & R Meats that will tentatively put the property back on the tax rolls. The business hopes to hire up to seven employees to operate the store.

WABASHA: Who’s in Charge? County Eliminates Top Job For the foreseeable future, the heads of the various departments in Wabasha County will be in charge of county business in their areas of responsibility. The county board has abolished the administrator’s position held by David Johnson, leaving some confusion about how it came to this and what comes next.

ST. CLOUD: HRA “Redevelops” Its Mission It’s a new era for the St. Cloud Housing and Redevelopment Authority. One of the HRA’s top programs will be offering interest-free $25,000 loans with no payments required for 30 years to fix up owner-occupied dwelling in a key neighborhood on the south side.  Meantime, the city has assumed economic development duties with a budget that’s less than half of the $1.5 million available as recently as 2007.

DULUTH: Unions No Longer in Solidarity with Occupy Duluth A few weeks ago there was plenty of solidarity between members of Occupy Duluth and local labor unions. That’s ancient history now. Anti-mining comments by an Occupy Duluth leader have led the Central Labor Body to sever ties, given many affiliates work in the mining industry.

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