Local Gov't Accountability Roundup: 7/11/11

Here's the latest batch of our Local Government Accountability stories, featuring stories from all around the state.

This week features an update from Fairmont and their expensive tree, money being saved in Littlefork and St. Cloud, and privatization of services in Benton County that will save taxpayers serious dollars!

FAIRMONT-  Efforts to Move Tree Fall Short
A plan to uproot and move a large oak tree several blocks to Fairmont Elementary School appears to be a no-go. Read more.

ST. CLOUD-  St. Cloud State Turns in State Cars to Save Costs
The need to maintain a fleet of vehicles continues to decline at St. Cloud State University as more people use videoconferencing and WebEx technology to have virtual meetings. Read more.

FOLEY-  Taxpayers Clean up as Benton County Privatizes Custodial Work & Saves Taxpayers $150,000 a Year
Benton County commissioners on Tuesday laid off six custodial workers and approved a contract with a private firm for cleaning county buildings in a budget-cutting move. Read more.

LITTLEFORK-  Council saves taxpayers almost $100,000 on Re-Bonding
By refinancing a bond for the Jackpine Chateau assisted living facility, the city will save about $96,000 over the course of the next 12 years. Payments are expected to be complete in 2023. Read more.

MARINE ON ST. CROIX-  Post Office Future Uncertain
Down, but not out. That's the word from postal officials who say the Marine on St. Croix post office may see a reduction in staff, but will remain open for most services. Read more.


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