Local Gov't Accountability Roundup: 8/24/11

FAIRMONT: County May Pay Beaver Bounties   Need extra spending money? Martin County considers offering bucks for beavers in certain circumstances.

DULUTH: Mayor Seeks Voter Approval to Privatize City Steam Plant   The city could clear $1 million by selling small steam power plant but wants voters to give thumbs up first.

BRAINERD: Jobless Rate Increases to 15%  From bad to worse as Brainerd businesses hold off hiring due to uncertainty in markets and state and federal government policies.

EAST BETHEL: City Pays Company $123,000 for Cancelled Water Plant Work Taxpayers owe for preliminary work on $5.4 million Cadillac version of water plant but ultimately save more than $4 million by going with a more modest $1.4 million model.

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