Local Gov't Accountability Roundup: 8/29/11

FOREST LAKE: Feds Say School Board Must Include Two Teachers Over 65 in Early Retirement Plan  School district aiming to reduce labor costs says two faculty members failed to meet state eligibility requirements. Then the unlucky applicants got the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) involved and next thing you know the checks were in the mail.

OWATONNA: Food Fight Between State and FEMA Leaves Steele County Out of Luck a Year After Disaster Hurricane Irene was still blowing when the president and FEMA went on worldwide television to promise swift attention to their losses over the weekend. A year later, however, victims of the much lower profile but still historic flooding in Owatonna last fall cannot get a straight answer from the feds.

EYOTA: City Hits Jackpot with $335,000 MNDOT Grant for Sidewalks for Schoolkids The state may be shifting funding for the classroom again, but per capita spending on safe sidewalks for students who bike or walk to school is way up. MNDOT’s $335,000 grant works out to about $290 per student in this town of 2,000, no matter how they get to class!

LITTLE FORK: City Council Approves Fire Department Retirement Increase $75 The Littlefork Fire Relief Association received the okay to increase retirement fee from $800 to $875 for the 26 person volunteer force.

KITTSON COUNTY: Two County Post Offices May be Shutting Down USPS officials say 117 local post offices in Minnesota alone are under consideration for elimination, including the Lake Bronson and Donaldson branches in Kittson County.

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