Local Gov't Accountability Roundup: 9/12/11

CENTENNIAL LAKES: City Expects to Save Thousands with On-Line Course for Some Violations It's just the ticket for taxpayers and some drivers. Centennial Lakes is about to take a program online that allows otherwise good drivers to expunge certain traffic violations on-line in at home or any other hot spot. Cities can recoup some of the fees that generally go to the state court system and realize savings of tens of thousands of dollars in the process. 

ELK RIVER: Mayor Holds the Line of Taxes in 2012 City Budget Mayor John Dietz will propose a one percent across-the-board budget cut and by economizing in the Energy City program and other areas. Overall, Dietz says taxpayers want to see government reductions, not increases.

GAYLORD: Can You Hear Me Now? Fired Police Chief Sues City Over Handling of Alleged Eavesdropping Dispute  The southern Minnesota city’s former police chief sues for damages in excess of $50,000 related to his dismissal. The Mankato Free Press reports that “Roiger was accused in 2009 of having a “bug” planted in the Chamber of Commerce office” over concerns regarding the open meeting law for city council members. 

ST. CLOUD: Complete Streets Plan a Complete Question Mark for Some  Residents will have an opportunity to sound offon a controversial ordinance that gives prominent consideration to bikes and alternative transportation in road designs. The additional costs and alleged benefits are being questioned by some.

SHERBURNE COUNTY: Big Layoffs at County Jail as Number of Inmates Declines The state has approved a proposal to cut 17 positions, resulting in expected savings of nearly $2 million through 2013. “In these economic times combined with increased operational costs and lower inmate revenues, it is imperative to be fiscally responsible,” according to Sheriff Joel Brott.

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