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  • Teacher freedom in Michigan

    Michigan’s new right-to-work law is starting to show results, with more workers exercising their freedom from unionization and compulsory dues. And just as we’ve seen in other states that respect workers’ constitutional rights, teachers are among those most anxious to strip away the union’s shackles. According to the Education Intelligence Agency, the state’s teachers’ union, Michigan Education Association (MEA) lost 5,000 members last month alone.

  • U.S. Supreme Court reins in labor union power

    The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a significant blow to government labor unions today, ruling that so-called “partial public employees” cannot be forced to pay union dues or fees. The case in question, Harris v.

  • Minneapolis parents, students fight back against heavy-handed union tactics

    While some public school districts have successfully negotiated new teachers’ contracts, several of the state’s largest districts remain locked in contentious talks with their local teachers’ union. In fact, the Minneapolis and St. Paul districts have both entered mediation with their respective unions after failing to reach agreement on new 2014-16 contracts.

  • Minnesota unions bilk taxpayers with "health and welfare" funds

    AFSCME Council 5 is one of the state’s largest government employee unions, representing nearly 40,000 members and collecting about $23 million in annual receipts. AFSCME and its local affiliates bargain with government employers over issues including compensation, job protections, grievance issues, and of course employer-provided health benefits. However, by utilizing a little-known scheme that has largely escaped public scrutiny, AFSCME does not merely bargain for health benefits; they profit f...

  • Where is the Minneapolis Teachers' Contract?

    MINNEAPOLIS, MN--When superintendent Bernadeia Johnson took over the struggling Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) two years ago, she pledged to renew the district’s commitment to transparency andaccountability. Minneapolis Public Schools had a reputation for secrecy and evasiveness, a reputation they earned. Unfortunately, despite the district’s renewed commitment to open government, some things never change.

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