• Why do Minnesota teachers pay dues to bail out NEA DC bosses?

    Officials at Education Minnesota (the statewide affiliate of the NEA) went berserk the last day of the Minnesota special legislative session, demanding that Governor Dayton veto the K-12 education budget for the next two years.  The reason?  The new budget, that also includes more than $1.3 billion in increased funding for Minnesota’s public schools includes a new provision that ends the ridiculous teacher tenure law known as “Last In, First Out.”  This default p...

  • The Biomass Mess

    In 1994, the Minnesota legislature struck a deal that allowed Xcel Energy to store additional radioactive nuclear waste in above-ground storage casks located on Prairie Island in return for enacting a requirement that the energy company generate or buy a government-mandated percentage of biomass energy for their customers.  That compromise, forged between Republican Governor Arne Carlson and DFL legislative leaders Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe and Speaker Dee Long, put into place the Re...

  • State has the authority to override local overreach, and should

    Below is a commentary by Freedom Foundation CEO Annette Meeks published in the May 4, 2017 edition of the Star Tribune. With two weeks left in the 2017 legislative session, one of the most contentious issues being debated at the Capitol will likely provide a teachable moment for Minnesotans. What’s being debated is the notion of “local control” and whether the state should exercise its authority to “check” overreach in individual cities.Our country was founded ...

  • Crony Capitalism Update: How essential is essential air service?

    Earlier this year, President Donald Trump sent his first budget proposal to Congress.  As you can imagine, there were some big differences between the Trump budget that lays out his spending priorities for the next fiscal year vs. some of the recent budgets sent to Congress from President Barack Obama. One of the biggest differences included Trump’s plan to eliminate the U.S.

  • Our transit system is off the rails & long range funding needs fixing

    Annette Meeks Commentary in the March 27, 2017 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune - Our transit system is off the rails & long range funding needs fixing 


    Legislation is pending at the Capitol to provide a $10-million-dollar annual grant to support a “Mobile Market”, a “grocery store on wheels bringing the food to neighborhoods in need” amongst other things. Developers of the Mobile Market, the Good Food Access Fund, are asking for a $10 million annual appropriation (that’s tax dollars) that they believe will “bring new grocery stores, farmers markets, [and] more mobile markets” and several other solutions...

  • Crony Capitalism in Minnesota: Cutting Taxes for our Friends

    Three years ago, Car2Go, a car-sharing business entered the Minneapolis market.   Suddenly 400 Car2Go vehicles (you’ve seen them – the tiny blue and white “smart cars”) appeared all over the Twin Cities as approximately 29,000 Minnesotans downloaded an “app” on their smart phones and joined this car-sharing network.  In an abrupt move last fall, the company announced they were leaving Minnesota “due to extremely high state car rental taxes.&rdq...

  • As Education Secretary, DeVos would put kids before unions

    Below is a commentary by Freedom Foundation of Minnesota CEO Annette Meeks which appeared in the January 26, As education secretary, DeVos would put kids before unionsLast week, the U.S. Senate started holding confirmation hearings for President Trump’s cabinet nominees. The anxiety is high and the vitriolic attacks on some of these appointees reminds most Americans why they hate politics.

  • Happy 225th Birthday to the Bill of Rights!

    Last Thursday, December 15th, marks the 225th anniversary of the day in 1791 when the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution) were ratified by the states.  Our friends at the Ashbrook Center put together a quiz to mark the day and frankly to see how much American history we remember from our high school civics class.President Franklin Roosevelt declared December 15th “Bill of Rights Day” in 1941.

  • A helping hand for the poorest of the poor

    Below is a commentary by Freedom Foundation of Minnesota CEO Annette Meeks which appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on November 18, 2016A helping hand for the poorest of the poorBut you won't see something like a RAM medical clinic in Minnesota, where, of course, there are laws and regulations that forbid it.Thanksgiving came early for me this year and in a most unexpected way. My day of giving thanks for a multitude of blessings occurred on a mid-November weekend in Bradenton, Fla., w...

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