• Crony Capitalism in Minnesota: Cutting Taxes for our Friends

    Three years ago, Car2Go, a car-sharing business entered the Minneapolis market.   Suddenly 400 Car2Go vehicles (you’ve seen them – the tiny blue and white “smart cars”) appeared all over the Twin Cities as approximately 29,000 Minnesotans downloaded an “app” on their smart phones and joined this car-sharing network.  In an abrupt move last fall, the company announced they were leaving Minnesota “due to extremely high state car rental taxes.&rdq...

  • As Education Secretary, DeVos would put kids before unions

    Below is a commentary by Freedom Foundation of Minnesota CEO Annette Meeks which appeared in the January 26, As education secretary, DeVos would put kids before unionsLast week, the U.S. Senate started holding confirmation hearings for President Trump’s cabinet nominees. The anxiety is high and the vitriolic attacks on some of these appointees reminds most Americans why they hate politics.

  • Happy 225th Birthday to the Bill of Rights!

    Last Thursday, December 15th, marks the 225th anniversary of the day in 1791 when the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution) were ratified by the states.  Our friends at the Ashbrook Center put together a quiz to mark the day and frankly to see how much American history we remember from our high school civics class.President Franklin Roosevelt declared December 15th “Bill of Rights Day” in 1941.

  • A helping hand for the poorest of the poor

    Below is a commentary by Freedom Foundation of Minnesota CEO Annette Meeks which appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune on November 18, 2016A helping hand for the poorest of the poorBut you won't see something like a RAM medical clinic in Minnesota, where, of course, there are laws and regulations that forbid it.Thanksgiving came early for me this year and in a most unexpected way. My day of giving thanks for a multitude of blessings occurred on a mid-November weekend in Bradenton, Fla., w...

  • How a $7 million dollar bike path gets built

    Perhaps you know this but it escaped my attention despite multiple monthly trips to the Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport (MSP): “cyclists can’t ride all the way to Terminal 1” (the terminal formerly known as the Lindberg Terminal.)  The solution:  a proposed $7 million dollar, 0.9-mile bike path that would allow Minneapolis to supposedly become a “world class city” and provide a way for avid cyclists to get to the airport.There are lots of uncheck...

  • Looking for waste, fraud or abuse in state government? Start at MNDOT

    Individual incomes in Minnesota varies widely from county to county but the median family income is approximately $53,657.  This number has stagnated in the past decade which is why so many middle-class families have felt that they are treading water economically. The instinct of those families is correct:  if adjusted for inflation, the median income decreases in size by nearly $10,000.  Many full-time workers all across the state haven’t been making economic progress ...

  • Obamacare has a competition problem: A preview of the death spiral of a failed experiment ?

    IT MATTERS WHO WE ELECT:  OBAMACARE BY THE NUMBERSSeven states (Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Alabama, South Carolina, Alaska, and North Carolina) have only one insurance company to choose from starting in 2017.Five other states have at least 50% of their “ratings regions” with only one private insurance company offering service plans.  This means that nearly one quarter of all U.S. counties will have only one or two plans to choose from next year.

  • Et tu Rochester? Rochester wants to gamble with taxpayer $$ / Just say no to Southwest LRT

    Et tu Rochester? Here we go again! Rochester wants to gamble with taxpayer $$“Another Minnesota city is debating jumping on the municipal broadband wagon and ignoring the risks and disastrous fate of similar projects. This time it's some on the Rochester City Council and Rochester Public Utilities who seek to join nearly 450 communities that have invested over $2 billion to construct, own and operate some form of taxpayer-funded, government-owned Internet service.Before the Roche...

  • Fighting a real war on poverty

    Nearly 23 percent of Americans who call a major American city home today live in poverty.  And the rate is growing:  from 2000 – 2013, the poverty rate in the 20 largest cities in America grew by nearly 36 percent, to this new “normal of 23 percent.”  Nationally, the number of Americans living in poverty grew more modestly:  from 11.3 percent in 2000 to 14.8 percent in 2014. However, there’s one city that has defied this trend and saw a declining rate ...

  • Where does your tax money go?

    Our friends at the Heritage Foundation recently released an analysis of where your federal tax dollars go every year. Keep in mind that in 2015, “major entitlement programs consumed 52% of all federal spending” which means that over half of the federal budget went towards funding these programs.  The fact that they are “entitlement” programs means that Congress doesn’t have to vote to approve each budget item – it is automatic.

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