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  • FFM Bulletin 5/11/12

    Featuring: Legislative Auditor report suggests local government consolidation, taxpayer bailout for Vadnais Heights sports complex, St. Paul government housing project, FFM in the news and more!

  • FFM Bulletin 9/3/10

    Featuring: privatization of Cottonwood liquor store, fall internships available, and our public pension study.

  • Privatization of City Liquor Store a Win-win for Taxpayers in Cottonwood

    After years of mounting operating losses, the City of Cottonwood recently got out of the liquor business for good. Even though it was a local monopoly in this small city, the Cottonwood liquor store ran up $20,000 in losses in 2009.

  • FFM Bulletin 8/27/10

    Featuring: investigative piece on the Duluth School of Fine Arts, cities beginning to turn to privatization, John Fund event announcement, and more.

  • FFM Bulletin 7/26/10

    Featuring: public employee unions spending in elections, exorbitant public employee payout in Edina, and a small city outsourcing municipal services.

  • Minnesota Taxpayers’ Missing Link?

    National Watchdog group Watchdog.org ran our  piece: The Taxpayers' Missing Link?

  • Minnesota cities may be broke in five years, study says: League seeks suggestions for city

    FFM was featured in a Pioneer Press story on a recent report conducted by the Humphrey Institute for the League of Minnesota Cities. The report concluded that Minnesota cities would be broke in five years if big changes aren't made to city services.

  • Counties Call 911 for Budget Savings

    When there’s an emergency, you call 911, and that’s exactly what 37 Minnesota counties are exploring in what could be a template for how local government can consolidate services and save money, while providing critical services.

  • FFM Bulletin 5/3/10

    Featuring: local governments getting creative during tough times, FFM in local and national news, FFM Watchdog training, and more.

  • Crow Wing County Consolidation to Cut Costs

    No matter who prevails in the election to become Crow Wing County Auditor in November, Brainerd lakes area taxpayers have already won. Crow Wing County Commissioners voted recently to eliminate the county treasurer office and combine it with the county auditor office, streamlining operations and saving an estimated $140-150,000 in the process.

  • Aggressive, Innovative Cost-Saving Measures Help Several Local Governments Thrive Despite

    Amid increasing concern over how local officials will deal with unprecedented budget challenges in their communities, The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota (FFM) issued its first Issue Spotlight, commending several local governments for exploring creative, effective ways to control spending while continuing to deliver critical services.

  • FFM Bulletin 11/21/08

    Featuring: St. Louis Park's experiment with a city-owned solar-powered wireless Internet network comes to an end, and Scott County trims 2009 budget.

  • FFM Bulletin 8/27/08

    Featuring: City of Duluth-for sale, Plymouth's Dial-A-Ride transit program costs taxpayers $17 per ride, and Minnesota by the Numbers.

  • FFM Bulletin 7/8/08

    Featuring: Duluth's financial woes, Metro Transit fare hike, and Star Tribune gets one right.

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