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  • FFM Bulletin 4/20/12

    FFM hosts capacity crowd for John Stossel, Tax Freedom Day on April 22, As the Turbine Turns, local government lobbying for federal funds, and a quote of the week from Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI).

  • FFM Bulletin 4/11/12

    Featuring: Serious Energy in serious trouble, judge strikes down child care unionization, ratepayers receive refund, Stossel tickets and more!

  • Refunds Ordered for Utility Customers Gouged by Unpopular Environmentalist Energy Plan

    Thousands of CenterPoint Energy ratepayers will receive refunds after being overcharged on their heating bills under an experimental natural gas pricing system unveiled in 2010 by Minnesota environmental groups and state regulators.  The politically correct pricing program--designed to penalize ratepayers for using more than a pre-determined allotment of natural gas--was the focus of an April 2011 FFM investigation.

  • FFM Bulletin 3/30/12

    Featuring: Minnesota Non-Profits Receive $440,000 to Fight Keystone XL Pipeline, Monticello muni-fiber gets the MPR treatment, Stossel special promotion, Human Achievement Hour, and more!

  • Trust Fund Environmentalism: Anti-Keystone Cash

    Three Minnesota environmental non-profit advocacy groupshave received nearly half a million dollars in out-of-state foundation fundingto oppose the Keystone oil pipeline project, according to a Freedom Foundation of Minnesota analysis.The California funding to state groups comes as a surprise, since Keystone’sproposed route does not include Minnesota.

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