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  • Stimulus Funding for Controversial Wind Farm Up in Air

    An initiative led by Congressman John Kline (MN-R) would do more than terminate the federal stimulus renewable energy program that funded the bankrupt $535 million notorious Solyndra solar power project. If successful, it would also knock the wind out of a key funding source for one of the nation’s most controversial wind projects.

  • FFM Bulletin 9/29/11

    Featuring: Rochester's "Zip Rail" project, Monticello FiberNet, MN's connection to LightSquared, and a call for FFM interns!

  • FFM Bulletin 9/22/11

    Featuring: Senate hearing on MN daycare unionization, CenterPoint Energy's pricing plan, Brooklyn Center levy goes down, and Anoka County's budget.

  • Controversial Energy Pricing Program Generates More Controversy

    CenterPoint Energy has announced its support for the suspension of the controversial Inverted Block Rate natural gas pricing system for the utility’s 715,000 ratepayers. In a joint filing with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC), several environmental groups defended the premise of the program of charging some customers more than others for the amount of energy they use.

  • Backlash Leads to Repeal of Controversial Natural Gas Pricing Program

    Heat's Off! Controversial Energy Pricing Repealed‏? Thousands of CenterPoint Energy customers who were slapped with skyrocketing natural gas bills due to a controversial pilot program detailed in a Freedom Foundation of Minnesota investigative report may see much lower heating bills in the near future. 

  • E-Update Special Edition: Top Obama Official Leaves Admin, Subject of FFM Investigation

    Energy official Cathy Zoi was subject of extensive FFM investigation Cathy Zoi, President Obama’s number two official at the Department of Energy, abruptly resigned earlier this week. Zoi was also the subject of an extensive investigation by the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota. 

  • FFM Bulletin 7/16/10

    Featuring: the Ramsey Town Center debacle, St. Anthony Village Watchdog keeping their school district accountable, green jobs, and personal responsibility and individual liberties!

  • Dept. of Energy’s Cathy Zoi: Still Flouting the Law, Still Stonewalling the Investigation

    Pajamas Media featured FFM research in their ongoing investigation of a potential conflict of interest between the Department of Energy Assistant Secretary Cathy Zoi and her husband Robin Roy, an executive for "green window" company Serious Materials.

  • FFM Bulletin 6/16/10

    Featuring: a statement from FFM CEO Annette Meeks, Rochester Watchdog Training 6/29, transit truths, and more!

  • Is Green Roof For St. Paul's New Fire Station Worth The Cost?

    The Pioneer Press featured FFM in an article on the brand new "green roof" for St. Paul's fire station.

  • FFM Bulletin 6/2/10

    Featuring: Northstar hoarders, the number of state employees making more than $100,000, FFM in the news, and more!

  • Cash for caulkers invites for-profit politics

    Significant Freedom Foundation of Minnesota research was cited in Timothy Carney's column in the Washington Examiner on a top energy official, the "cash for caulkers" program, and how she would profit from a company that has lobbied for the bill.

  • How Cronyism Is Infesting Cap-And-Trade

    Investor's Business Daily featured significant FFM research on the serious conflict of interest between a top Obama energy official and an energy efficient window company located in California. The article focuses on how cronyism is investing cap-and-trade.

  • FFM Bulletin 5/3/10

    Featuring: local governments getting creative during tough times, FFM in local and national news, FFM Watchdog training, and more.

  • Obama energy official can cash in on administration’s green policies; Update: Video added

    Ed Morrissey at Hot Air picked up the serious conflict of interest first reported by the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota between top energy official Cathy Zoi and her husband, Robin Roy, executive of Serious Materials, an energy efficient window company that has received significant attention from the Obama administration.

  • Obama Administration’s Serious Conflict of Interest: A Freedom Foundation Investigation

    FFM's investigation into the Obama administration's serious conflict of interest was featured on the green energy website GreenEnergy101.net.

  • Big Government: ‘Symbolic’ Wind Turbines Generating More P.R. Than Power

    BigGovernment.com ran the "symbolic wind turbines" piece by FFM's Tom Steward on its website. The article examines twelve wind turbines across Minnesota that have been in the news lately because they've been shutting down from the cold temperatures. What are these turbines generating if they're not generating energy?

  • "Symbolic" Wind Turbines Generating More P.R. Than Power

    Now that most of twelve California wind turbines retrofitted for Minnesota winters are finally operational, several cities acknowledged to the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota that the $5 million project may be more suited for generating PR—both good and bad—than producing significant quantities of power.

  • Big Government Cronies: John Stossel On Crony Capitalism And The Obama White House (VIDEO)

    The Daily Bail featured John Stossel's op-ed and a video clip from the Stossel episode on "crony capitalism." The FFM investigation on  green energy Secretary Cathy Zoi and a potential conflict of interest was first released on that show and featured FFM CEO Annette Meeks and FFM Vice President Jonathan Blake.

  • Reason.com: Big Government Cronies

    Our friends at Reason.com featured John Stossel's article that ran on Townhall.com, Real Clear Politics, and other media outlets yesterday.

  • Real Clear Politics: Big Government Cronies

    John Stossel's latest commentary piece prominently featured FFM's investigation into the Department of Energy and a serious conflict of interest with a high ranking member and her husband, an executive at Serious Materials, a company getting favorable treatment from the White House.

  • 'Poster Child' for Obama hypocrisy on green jobs?

    The San Francisco Examiner featured FFM's investigation into a serious conflict of interest in author Mark Tapscott's latest piece. As Tapscott describes, "In a city full of conflicts of interest, this one ranks near the top of the "Most Blatant Ever."" The hard-hitting piece features FFM research and an original video created by FFM titled: The Obama Administration's Serious Conflict of Interest.

  • Stossel's Latest on Crony Capitalism: Seriously?!

    BREAKING: FFM broke a serious investigation on the Fox Business Channel's Stossel on a potential conflict of interest between the Obama administration's top renewable energy secretary and a small California window company. 


    Christmas came early this week for several Minnesota farmers when state regulators unanimously rejected a permit for a controversial wind farm proposed by the City of New Ulm, which had threatened to use eminent domain authority for the first time on record to seize the wind rights over the opponents’ property in order to force through the 8-megawatt project.

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