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  • FFM Bulletin 8/11/10

    Featuring: municipal golf courses still teeing-off on taxpayers and our latest FFM Accountability Alert on St. Paul's bookmobile.

  • FFM Scorecard Shows City-Owned Golf Courses Tee Off on Taxpayers

    A Freedom Foundation of Minnesota analysis of city-owned golf courses throughout the state concludes that municipal golf courses lost approximately $2 million in 2007, the most recent year with comprehensive available data of municipal golf enterprise funds. At $50 per round, that's the equivalent of about 40,000 rounds of taxpayer-subsidized golf a year.

  • Minnesota Cities’ Wish List for Stimulus Money Raises Questions

    As the federal stimulus package continues to balloon closer to $1 trillion on the fast track to passage, the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota released a top ten list of the worst funding requests submitted by Minnesota cities as part of the process.

  • FFM Bulletin 7/15/08

    Featuring: Minneapolis to purchase $50,000 drinking fountains, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board announces that its tent rental rates for large events are increasing... 20,000%, and municipal golf operations losing money.

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