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  • Policymakers, Media & Public Targeted in $48M Campaign to Rewrite MN Policy (Part 2 of 3)

    It might be the most effective advocacy group you never heard of. Regardless, you have likely paid for enactment of their aggressive green agenda through higher taxes, higher utility bills and a slower commute to work. Organized under the banner of the RE-AMP Energy Network, a group of well-endowed national foundations has lavished unheard of sums of special interest money on Minnesota green-oriented nonprofits as they relentlessly pursue their agenda.  An investigation by the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota (FFM) has revealed an unprecedented, coordinated campaign to influence policy makers, media coverage and public opinion.

  • Nat'l Foundations Bankroll $48M Campaign to Rewrite MN Environmental Policy (Part 1 of 3)

     Global warming has been called by some the single greatest threat to mankind.  While the rest of us await a climate Armageddon, Minnesota environmental advocacy groups have quietly reaped a financial windfall from well-endowed, largely out-of-state foundations, which have bestowed tens of millions of dollars to lobby, legislate and litigate around the issue.

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