Star Tribune: New Prague Golf Club Teetering on the Brink

Dave Peterson's article on the failing New Prague golf course mentions FFM. 


"Hanging over the whole discussion is the issue of where the state's politics are heading. A lot of small towns are heavily subsidized by state aid, which is helping them prop up money-losing amenities such as golf courses. Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer's running mate, Annette Meeks, a Metropolitan Council member appointed by Gov. Tim Pawlenty, founded the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota, the conservative think tank that ripped the municipal golf industry. Meeks has said she believes a lot of city officials who threaten to cut police and fire staffing are at the same time protecting their golfers and their hockey teams."

To read the entire article, click here. Also, our original report on municipal golf courses in Minnesota and other reports can be found at


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