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  • $35 Million Prior Lake Telecom Proposal Pits City Against Private Business

    PRIOR LAKE, MN—A recently minted $35 million taxpayer-backed telecom proposal in Prior Lake takes a sharply confrontational posture toward the very sector the project ostensibly aims to attract—private business. An $80,000 feasibility study aggressively singles out three telecom providers with thousands of Prior Lake customers that the proposed city network would compete for, even as it lays claim to “creating an environment in which the private sector can thrive. This is about enablin...

  • Local Gov't Accountability Roundup: 1/10/12

    LINWOOD: Behind the Times: Township Celebration 40 Years Too Late The planning committee was all geared up to celebrate Linwood Township’s centennial celebration this year. But historical buffs found out in the nick of time that the founding of the township goes back much further than that and cancelled the party in the nick of time. OGILVIE: Firefighters Question Benefit of Switching to State Retirement Plan Firefighters in Ogilvie and Mora have turned down the option of assigning their retirem...

  • Local Gov't Accountability Roundup: 1/5/12

    ROCHESTER: Take This Snow and Shovel It—Or Else The city is cracking down on sidewalk scofflaws. No more free pass for Rochester residents who fail to shovel their snow. The city council has hired a company to do the job for those who fail to clear off public sidewalks within 24 hours.

  • Local Gov't Accountability Roundup: 1/3/12

    MILACA:  County Makes $85,000 Call to Move 911 Center  The Mille Lacs County Board made the call to move their 911 emergency call center.  It’s not going far, but will cost $85,900 to relocate the center to another level in the same building—the county jail. CROOKSTON:  Overdue Library Materials Could Cost You Your Credit Rating  If you ignore the notices from the Lake Agassiz Regional Library system it could cost you more than a fine.

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