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  • Stimulus Funding for Controversial Wind Farm Up in Air

    An initiative led by Congressman John Kline (MN-R) would do more than terminate the federal stimulus renewable energy program that funded the bankrupt $535 million notorious Solyndra solar power project. If successful, it would also knock the wind out of a key funding source for one of the nation’s most controversial wind projects.

  • Backlash Leads to Repeal of Controversial Natural Gas Pricing Program

    Heat's Off! Controversial Energy Pricing Repealed‏? Thousands of CenterPoint Energy customers who were slapped with skyrocketing natural gas bills due to a controversial pilot program detailed in a Freedom Foundation of Minnesota investigative report may see much lower heating bills in the near future. 

  • "Symbolic" Wind Turbines Generating More P.R. Than Power

    Now that most of twelve California wind turbines retrofitted for Minnesota winters are finally operational, several cities acknowledged to the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota that the $5 million project may be more suited for generating PR—both good and bad—than producing significant quantities of power.

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