The State of Education Minnesota: What we're up against

One of the most frequent questions we are asked at the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota (FFM) is “where does Education Minnesota get all of their money and what do they use it for?”

Every year, unions (public and private) are required to disclose their income and assets. Using that data, along with our on-going research about the union, we thought you’d be interested in learning the answer to that question and a few others. The data will also show you what education reformers are up against every time we propose even the most modest changes to existing education and classroom policy.

Total Number of Education Minnesota Members in 2014: 88,571 (that’s an increase of 450 members since 2013)

Total Revenue of Education Minnesota:  $31.3 million (of which, 89% came from member dues forcibly extracted from every public school teacher’s paycheck)

Net assets of Education Minnesota:  $29.7 million

Total Staff of Education Minnesota:  188

Staff salaries and benefits:  $18.8 million

Highest Paid employee of Education Minnesota:  Karl Aaro, executive director -- $170,628 base salary

Lobbyists (23!) registered to lobby for Education Minnesota (current list as of 2016):

  • David Aaron
  • Nicole Blissenbach
  • Megan Boldt
  • Jodee Buhr
  • Braulio Carrasco
  • Andrea Cecconi
  • Debra M Corhouse
  • Douglas Dooher
  • Michelle Duke
  • Charles Dykstera
  • Sara Ford
  • Sara L. Gjerdrum
  • Jess Anna Glover
  • James Haggar
  • Justin Killian
  • Jen Kohan
  • Carrie Lucking
  • James R. Meyer
  • Kathleen K. Micheletti
  • Paul Mueller
  • Judi Olson
  • Brandon Rettke
  • Rodney Rowe
  • Matthew Ryg
  • Denise Specht
  • Paul Winkelaar

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