VIDEO: "Pre-Occupy MN"

Latest FFM Accountability Alert Video highlights activity at the "People's Plaza" 

A crowd estimated to be about 250 protesters turned out last Friday at the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis for the “Occupy MN” rally.  It was a Minnesota version of the Occupy Wall Street press event in New York City.  

Though billed as a non-violent protest against big banks, big companies, and big everything (except government), a handful of signs appeared anything but non-violent with slogans such as "off with their heads" and "eat the rich."

The Freedom Foundation of Minnesota (FFM) was at the newly designated "People's Plaza" to file an Accountability Alert Video: Pre-Occupy MN.

Visit Minnesota State News for more coverage on the protest. The site features a slideshow with two-dozen different photographs of the rally, including a variety of protest signs, speakers, and notable elected officials.


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